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He often travels to foreign countries.

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We'll just have to ask Jesper to do it for us, won't we?

Xiaoding asked Teacher Lin while holding a picture: "Is this picture of you taken in the Beijing University Library?"

Tomorrow I must leave earlier.


I will see to it that you meet her at the party.

Why is he in the church?

No sooner had I done so than it began to rain.


I'm old and not too well.

If you hear from Jenny, could you tell her I would like to see her?

You forgot to turn the lights off.

I need her to see this.

I want to help her, but I don't know how.

The next morning, the snowman had completely melted.

The two met in October in Boston.

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Don't lie to her.

The tornado died out.

The earth is small in comparison with the sun.

Large, isn't it?

Plants can't grow without air.

Brandy is unpacking his suitcase.

North is the opposite direction from south.

I see them every day.

He put the idea into my head.

The weather is unfavorable for our athletic meet today.

I can't attend the meeting.

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There were many snow storms last winter.

Oil this bicycle.

It's like a drug.


Juergen is well paid.

Jianyun is incredibly stupid.

Please introduce yourself, sir. What's your profession?

Ken likes music very much.

I needed something more.

Every word in this dictionary is important.

Leslie gave Lester moral support.

Clem was certainly impressed.

Minnesota's state bird is the mosquito.

I am going to learn german.

Put away your books and notebooks.

My nose is too big.

Your order has been dispatched.

I'm actually kind of flattered.

I can give him a message.

The Black Forest cake is a natural aphrodisiac.

You should give up smoking since it's unhealthy.


Today's meeting has been cancelled.


I like dewberries.

Don't judge a man by the way he looks.

Everything went according to plan.

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I won't be a party to this.

She's younger than your daughter!

Antony is out of work now.

Do you want to impress me?

You're temperamental.

Have you ever visited the Statue of Liberty?

Tell us about it.

He came without notice.

I'm not looking for a favor.

Wes is a psychologist.

Rupert comes to see me sometimes.

It is less humid today than it was yesterday.

I'm supposed to start working here next week.

A tall man went off from there in a hurry.

I have no idea where Sunil went.

I have to hand it in.

I don't have a computer at home.

His dog was named Popeye by him.

It's what Ira would want us to do.

I may be away for a couple of days.

I think it's possible that we may win.

Thai Air celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Who else do we have on our team?

I think I'm going to be sick.

Why don't we all go out to get something to eat?


Nobody asked us.

Miriamne didn't have to say that.

A white yacht was sailing over the sea.

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I think we've got problems.

This investment is not for the risk-averse.

Gerald took his wallet out of his pocket.

She is a monster.

She has fallen in love with me.

Jeannette dropped his coffee cup.

I'm just happy it ended so well.


She pulled at his heartstrings.

Bill is a great fighter.

Am I included?

I have to get back to my office.

I will have to take over Father's business in the future.

Our first date was kind of awkward. I was really nervous.

He will also go.

Ron corrected himself.

That's why my heart suffers so incessantly.


I'd like an 80-yen stamp, please.


Can you do bookkeeping?

They've cut down most of the trees for firewood.

They say she's dead.

Read Lesson 10 from the beginning.

Have you ever thought about baking your potatoes instead of frying them?

My cat is really smart.

Darin said you'd be coming by.

Tomorrow is Sunday.

I just heard him.

Don't tell Marian what really happened.

Is my Esperanto sentence correct?


What's the time according to your watch?

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I could be wrong about this.


Ricardo was about to be shot, but he didn't know it.

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Additional troops were needed.


Many people considered him a niggard.

You're up to something, aren't you?

I knew Lyndon would want to go with us.

I would not leave you for all the world.

How many brothers and sisters does Glen have?

This is getting creepy.

I don't know why I even bother to try to explain things to you anymore.


I can't do it justice.

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It's time that you have some vacations.

I hope you like this gift.

As for me, I don't have any comments.


My schedule is rather tight.

Jerrie carefully locked the door.

For how long have you been living here?

Randall pulled a cigarette lighter from his pocket.

Shadow berated Sanjib.

Their lack of training in fire safety and cardiopulmonary resuscitation could put members of the public at risk.

I'll go by car.

I used to have one, but it was stolen.

This will be a very dangerous mission.

Doyle is really happy, isn't he?

What's your favorite part of the day?


Jean-Christophe skateboarded down the street.

Vistlik's answer was incorrect.

You don't even try to help me.

I couldn't live with that kind of stress.

Kurt is a pushover.

Her hair is dry.

It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Norm still has a crush on Giles.

You may kiss me if you want to.


We're going to need water.

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That's absolutely unacceptable.


The meat was overfried.


Will this really make all our problems go away?

I guess Florian has been here all day.

Piercarlo said that once she has a handle on things she might be able to afford a place of her own.


His wife was weighed down with various worries.

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No one suspected.

The bill is due on the 1st of next month.

Why wasn't Dave there?

Why did you tell Lynnette Rhonda didn't like him?

Chip is adding sentences to Tatoeba.


These colours are beautiful.

I smile every time I see her.

I'd like to say yes, but...

Isadora Duncan danced with such grace that she was invited to dance in Europe.

We split up.

I'm very shy.

O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.

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Her mother is a pornstar.


Earle has a high threshold for pain.

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Pus has formed in the wound.

Coming face to face with a dinosaur was a funny experience.

The author has a good style.

Everyone is talking about them.

Combine the rice with the egg and soy sauce.